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The challenge

Finding a mobile solution to a specific painpoint for people who are new to Kortrijk.

We had to mock up our solution in the app store and place the usp/ key features, content and functionalities in the spotlight.

This challenge was from 28 September until 2 October 2020.

The team

For this one week challenge I have been working alone.


When you’re new to a city, there will be things you need to adjust to. I looked for several of these pain points. After finding some pain points myself, I contacted someone who often travels abroad for work. I searched for the pain points that this person experiences. It helped me to get a better picture of people who are new to a city.

Mindmap ideas

User research

After finding pain points, for people who are new in Kortrijk, I ended up with several users:

  • People who work in Kortrijk
  • Students
  • International people
  • Exchange students
  • People who recently moved to Kortrijk
  • Tourists
  • Families

I started looking at a specific audience. I have chosen to focus on day trippers.

User persona Kim

The problem

We are increasingly becoming a “cashless society”, so having a credit card or payment app seems enough when going out. However, there are often still small businesses where it’s not possible to pay with a credit card, but only with a payment app or cash. This can sometimes cause problems when you have to pay.

When I think of international tourists, it must also be possible for them to pay with credit cards from their country.

The solution

No more disappointments when you have to pay the bill.

PayFinder shows you the different payment options of all the restaurants and bars in your neighborhood. Check anytime and anywhere where they accept your payment preference. Do you prefer cash? PayFinder shows you the nearest ATM.

‘Stay in control of your payment method and always pay your way!’

Key features

  • Check the payment possibilities at bars/restaurants nearby
  • Choose your restaurant based on your payment preference
  • Find the nearest ATM 

App store mockup

App Payfinder

5 second testing

First impression is key!

To get immediate feedback about my design and copy I performed 5 second tests. Afterwards I asked them 2 questions:

  1. What can you use the app for?
  2. What is the name of the app?

Test #1
My first test was with a 21 year old student. I showed her my app for 5 seconds and asked her the questions.

1. ‘To find the suitable payment method.’
2. ‘PayFinder. The title immediately caught the eye.

Test #2
The second user I tested was a 48 year old man who has good experiences with digital products.

1. ‘Which payment method you can or must use in restaurants or pubs.’ (‘You can also download the app.’)
2. ‘The app name PayFinder was very clear.

Test #3
The third 5 second test was with a 22 year old male. Also here I showed the design for 5 seconds and asked the two questions.

1. ‘The app is to know how to pay somewhere, to find where you can pay with which payment method
2. ‘PayFinder’

Test #4
My fourth test was with a 20 year old male.

1. ‘To see the payment options in different stores.’
2. ‘PayFinder’


From these tests I can deduce that the message of my app is conveyed quickly and intuitively. Also the name of the app immediately caught the eye of every user.

The result

I had to find a mobile solution to a specific painpoint for people who are new to Kortrijk. After some brainstorming I ended up with painpoints for day trippers and the problem having to pay in restaurants you don’t know. I created the app PayFinder. This shows you the different payment options of all the restaurants and bars in your neighbourhood